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Peder was born January 5, 1954 in Uppsala and he is a Swedish entrepreneur, creative director, philanthropist and change management consultant.

In his younger years, he has working as a Art- and Creative Director in the marketing, advertising, PR and Corporate Identity sector. Further, he has been an initiator and founder of several international sporting enterprises in the fields of ocean racing, RD&D of mega sailing yachts in Europe (France, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden). Peder was the founder of Swedish Expedition Society (SWES) and the Society’s Secretary General and Chairman for seven years. In 2010 he co-founded, as a Joint Member, the Offshore International Logistic Safety Alliance (OILSA) with the objective to safeguard the safety and security of O&G companies operating in high-risk offshore regions. Within the frame of OILSA, he developed different methods and strategies for the evacuation of personnel and classified materials in politically fragile and unsecured regions.

As a founder of organisations and enterprises over the years, he has accumulated a wealth of experience within different business disciplines. Extensive commitments in Government- and Corporate negotiations resulting in various business engagements stretching from South America, across the African continent to India and Australia, are significant achievements. Peder have learned to negotiate with high and low.

Peders ability as a team player, providing competence, humility and a diplomatic approach, have become a valuable asset in any discussion. The capacity to think ”outside the box” has been a significant resource in many situations. Especially in remote regions with complex political and religion structures. Networking and maintaining good relations with decision-makers on corporate and governmental levels has been vital to him in the fulfilment of his role.

In the year 2000, Peder founded Hoverline LTD (later re-structured as Navifast Offshore LTD) for the Offshore O&G Logistic market. The company become a World Leader as a Heavy Lift Hovercraft (ACV) owner and operator. The company was the first logistic provider to offer the industry a ”Price- and Sharing Program" to reduce costs and improve effectiveness. Navifast was the first operator to implement Multi-mission capacity in Offshore Support Vessels (OSV). Under his management and in conjunction with a leading Australian shipyard, Navifast developed a completely new range of high speed Multi-mission (MMS) vessels for Offshore Logistics, Response and Anti-Piracy operations. During 17 years, since the company’s establishment, he has been the CEO for the group employing, at the most, around 300 people in different capacities. All employees with multi-national and different ethnic backgrounds.

Multiple operations has been achieved within the Offshore O&G Exploration & Production (E&P) markets on different continents. Building up Offshore O&G Logistics and Response solutions in remote regions in Brazil, Western Africa and Australia are some initiatives worth to mention in this context.

Under Peders leadership, initiatives has been taken within the environment sector, such as Logistic concept development in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), Western Africa (Angola), and for sustainable Public Commuter Logistic solutions in India (Mumbai).

Apart from the above, the following achievements has been carried out under his management and within the Navifast context:

Assessments of offshore logistic solutions (2000-2016):

Connex, Stockholm Archipelago Commuters (Sweden).

Agip/Total, Caspian Sea O&G Offshore ACV logistics (Kazakhstan).

Petrobras, Offshore O&G ACV logistics (Aracaju, Brazil).

RDJ City, Rio Airport Link (RAL), airport logistics. RDJ Community (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

Indian Transport Ministry, PWT Passenger Water Transports of Mumbai (Mumbai, India)

Sonangol, Luanda Gateway Hoverlink Commuters (Luanda, Angola).

Sonangol, Offshore Hoverlink, Offshore Logistics O&G (Soyo, Angola).

Shell Nigeria Delta O&G Logistics (Nigeria).

Sao Tomé e Principe, STP Offshore Link, O&G logistics (STP).

Chevron/Apache Gorgon-Barrow Offshore E&P Logistics (Perth, Australia).

Multiple and detailed Feasibility Studies has been carried out in Gabon, Ghana, Tanzania, Italy (Lampedusa e Linosa), Malta (Birzebbuga), Lybia (Al Khums, Zaura and Sabratah) and Tunisia (Islas Kerkennah).

Peder is highly committed to the development of Sao Tomé e Principe (STP, Bay of Guinea), feasibility of outside-the-box sustainable energy solutions, education, logistics and healthcare. Planned to be financed by the future exploration of the country’s Hydrocarbon resources and IFC.

Entrepreneurship & business establishment.

Swedish Entry Offshore LTD (financing, construction of a 61' racing yacht for the Whitbread Round the World Race 1981-82).

Identity LTD, marketing and PR agency special tailored to corporate identity.

SailMark LTD, sponsorship and operations of racing sailing yachts (Rothmans, Very Bright maxi big boat sail racing).

European Big Boat Foundation S.A, projecting and marketing of the world’s largest round the world mono-hulled racing yacht - The Winning Edge. In conjunction with Lionel Péan (FR).

Yacht Methods Group, Antibes (FR). Design & Management company for the design and construction av large sailing yachts for the southern European market.

Navifast Offshore LTD, offshore logistic solutions and operations.

Infranavi Holding LTD, holding company of the following enterprises:

Navifast LTD, Hoverfast LTD, Hoverline LTD, Hoverline Brasil LTDA, Philae Communications LTD, Trendab Motorsports LTD, Africa Locations (ZA), STP NGO Development, XK Racing.

Personal Capacity.

Peder is a creative catalyst with a high degree of common sense. Coordination of dedicated project groups. Feasibility analysis. Internal- and external promotion of projects for implementation. Negotiation with government- and politician officials.

As earlier mentioned, he is a team player and a good asset to get people going and to provide positive, productive and responsive atmosphere within any team.

Personal notes.

Peder announced his retirement from Navifast as a lead in his objectives to devote his time within other sectors, were his time and capability can be utilised. His engagement in Navifast was terminated in mid June 2017. Peder is still working as a senior advisor on a none executive level. He is currently writing on his documentary novel, "Tomorrow all Begins" to be released in 2023.