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Peder was born 1954 in Uppsala, Sweden and is an entreprenuer and marketing consultant.

He is the father of Jennie, Nicklas and Ella.

He has working as a Creative Director in marketing, advertising, PR and Corporate Identity sector at leading agencies over the years. He has also been initiator and founder of several international sporting campaigns in different diciplines of ocean racing, RD&D of mega sailing yachts in Europe (France, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden). Peder founded the Yacht Methods Group S.A. in Antibes south of France designing and building large sailing yachts for the European market. In 2000 he was the founder of Swedish Expedition Society (SWES) and was the Society's Chairman for several years. The same year he founded Navifast Offshore LTD providing offshore logistic services for the international Hydro Carbon Offshore Industry (oil and gas). In 2010 he co-founded, as a joint member, the Offshore International Logistic Safety Alliance (OILSA). His sporting achivements  has been stretching from Whitbread Round the World Race (Volvo Ocean Race) to various speed records in the Atlantic Ocean and big boat ocean racing campaigns in Scandinavia. During the years he has been the owner of large racing and cruising yachts such as the 61 feet SWEDISH ENTRY,  82 feet VERY BRIGHT, 87 feet ISABEL and the 60 feet PHILAE. Apart from sailing, Peder is a keen contender in classic car racing/rallies and a collector of classic racing cars in the context of XK-Racing, Essential Racing Production (ERP) and Porsche Heritage. He also devote his time for Motorrad touring (motor bikes).

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